No more Sheepless nights

No More Sheepless Nights, addressed solitude, time and the monad/nomad in the contemporary sweeping metaphor. The piece is a lived response to a premise set by Haruki Murakami in The Wild Sheep Chase that when a sheep leaves a man's soul - he is nothing but sheepless.

Video one is a three channel video created during the Nomadic Structures residency in Le Bains::Connective, Brussels. After walking to Belgium from Holland Vacirca sat with a sheep (Mrs White) on a farm for 3 days and nights, hoping to transmigrate his soul for the sheep's before sitting for one night receiving one person at a time, attempting to remigrate the soul of the sheep into the soul of the observer.
This video was projected onto 42 bails of hay that were relocated from the sheep farm to Brussels, as part of the final performance installation at the boulangerie at Le Bains.

Video two is a report on the Vacirca's residency.

No More Sheepless Nights is followed by the current work - Rare Earth - in the Darukami trilogy. The third work: A Couple Bronzed is currently seeking commission.