One Eye

.ONE EYE THE MOON ONE EYE THE SUN. pisces full moon, 25 august 2010
.ONE EYE THE SUN ONE EYE THE MOON. gemini full moon, 2 december 2009

an art by domenico de clario, paula lay, dario vacirca
photography by katie harmsworth 

thanks to el pablo, Robbie Cole, christie stott, jodie ahrens, mattathias levi dravich, eloise bowden, martin coutts, will tait, matthew gingold.

ONEYE... is a three part project regarding alignment, dis/connection, presence, restraint, fading, growing, and finding time.
Parts one and two of the cycle are durational endurance performances where the 'theatre' is revealed through scale in landscape - opened by slow repetitious 'blind' dance, piano and placed light. We have taken the yiddish meaning of theatre as 'viewing space' and expanded this through multiple points of perspective and framing the urban and natural landscape.

One Eye the Sun, One Eye the Moon was revealed on the northcote bridge on december 2 2009, a glorious summer full moon, the audience flanked either side of the footpath overlooking one of the most inspiring views of melbourne city, with the image framed/cut every 2 seconds by cars... audience was served cold blood soup (borscht) and accompanied by a text from the late italo calvino.

One Eye the Moon, One Eye the Sun
saw the inclusion of radio and 'deaf-reading' with audience invited to read from a text addressing the nausea of capitalism, wearing noise cancellation headphones playing pink noise their voice was only heard on radios at remote viewing platforms on the either side of the yarra river (binoculars included). the choice of site was miraculously perfect after our desired performance on the peak of southbank bridge was disallowed. using the concrete boat shaped platform under the bridge gave the work a sense of wintry waterness in contrast to oneye 1 - being of summer and sky.

Part three of ONEYE is a poetic proposition or a speculative sculpture to be taken up or discarded by the City of Melbourne. Let's see what results.

On the title, one Well supporter wrote:

"...Meaning that you're never/always asleep
You are  asleep and awake at the same time - somehow cross eyed, one eyeball going down and the other rising to the ceiling...
One ear on the ground and one ear on the sky"