Mother of God

Media: paper, text, clay, paint, belief, proposition

Artists: Uno & Uno (DUE). sculpture by Uno texts by Uno proposition by Uno created by DUE

Manifest: "Twin Atheist Deep Catholics, Uno & Uno are DUE, here re-creating the virgin immaculate mother sacred heart mary of lourdes. The artists are attempting an impossible artwork that they will make impossibly. In other words the artists are devoted to making it possible. The mary's under construction here a process leading toward a larger work. This practice is enabling the artists to learn the ancient craft of devotional sculpture. Through the time devoted to this art they hope to manifest a full scale outdoor statue that will then be freighted and flown approximately 4,150 kms to west Arnhem Land, to a remote community called Wadeye. In 2008 Uno spent 2 months in Wadeye working with elders and children making video. Wadeye is populated by over 3,000 people making it one of the largest indigenous towns on this continent. Over 25 clans live in this one area. Pre colonisation most of these clans would only have communicated ceremoniously with eachother, living far wide around the area now known as the Daly River Region. A catholic mission brought all these clans together under the guise of 'saving' them from the stockmen, who were paid per head to slaughter aboriginal peoples. 'Joining' the clans together to live on land traditionally inhabited by 1 main and 3 connected clans has resulted in all sorts of cultural amalgams, oscillating between the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the confusing and the various. The twin artists DUE are interrogating a most peculiar aspect of one of these various cultural manifestations. In Wadeye most people (almost all families) love and are in fact quite devoted to Judas Priest, the seminal heavy metal band started in the 70's and still powering on with their thrash anthemic gay blasting metal music. The juxtaposition of seeing a framed portrait of mary and child next to a poster of the heavy metallists surrounded by satanic symbols is a key to the confused contemporary mythology of formerly earth based spirit lore people. DUE intend to send a full size statue of Mary to Wadeye upon a request by elder and community leader William Palmbuk. William has his own grotto devoted to the immaculate virgin. DUE then intend to bring Judas Priest to Wadeye orchestrating a multi-art and community gathering project working with a new music chamber company, a community media arts company and the local community. Judas Priest playing an outdoor concert in remote Northern Territory will possibly be the biggest musical extravagance this continent has seen. We are unsure if there is anywhere in the world that so many fans of one band live in one area. It is important that DUE send a full size statue of Mary to elder William Palmbuk in order to secure his support to bring Judas Priest to Wadeye.The twin artists are approaching Werner Herzog to create a documentary on this work. When he says no they will be there to film that and make a herzoggian style documentary on this art. The long term intention is to produce a new music opera based on the music of Judas Priest as interpreted by the people of Wadeye. It is important that you pay your respects to the statues under construction here: have a moment of silence; leave a note of devotion, encouragement or assessment. You may talk to the artists later in the night about the ethics and aesthetics of this art in progress. For now please let them quietly and devotedly learn a new craft. .THANKYOU." 
Artist statement West Space Gallery 2009.