I was amazed that within this daylight, in this place, in Tokyo, there existed a darkness as deep as this. Wind Up Bird Chronicle, Haruki Murukami.

Limitless (rare earth) is inspired by intense and important experience. An experience that we believe everyone should 'enjoy'. Whilst investigating how to best create a environment 'for urban spaces' that could promote the sensation of brief apparitions that would disrupt consciousness and give us a sense that we are beyond human and the time is flat we discovered an amazing piece of earth deep in the mountains of the Guiana Highlands somewhere west of Venezula. With much struggle, with and a few potions we have brought this piece of earth to Australia and are ready for you to experience it's wanders.

This is part 2 of the Murukami trilogy, starting with No More Sheepless Nights and ending with Bronzed Bodies in 2014. A Different Earth has been a shared experience by Tom Rivard and Lean Productions, Chris Wilson, Belle Bassin and Dario Vacirca.

Thank you to the City of Sydney for initial research and development support.