(in the) ground (on the) air

(in the) ground (on the) air is a durational earth art and collaborative writing project. It is a transitional artwork for Well and a precursor to the Book.

Day 1: Deep holes are dug in silence. Passers-by are invited to assist. Trenches are set. In silence.
Night 1: Lights and sound installed in trees and earth mounds.

Day 2: Desks, chairs, typewriters, a triangulation of rope, climbing rig, signs and paper are installed in trenches and the poetree.
Night 2: People enter the earth, guided by sigs, opening an envelope they are given simple instructions. When completing their section of the poem-continuum stick it to the rope 'so it may grow to life'. Music of the surrounding area re-mixed echoes through the night

Day 3: .... from the previous evening continues. And the 'bower bird boy' ropes himslef up the tree, collecting the paper and sticking it to leaves in choronological order.
Night 3: Bower-Bird Boy collects all paper and sticks it together with natural thread over many hours. The writer's are invited back to the site. Boy reads each page as it is written in order and connecting to the previous... sending the paper back down the rope, it is taken and placed in the hole of the earth. When the whole poem is written the paper is burned, a seed is planted on top, is watered and is let to grow to life.

First commissioned for the Mythopoeia project in the Otways - the work was subsequently re-designed for St Kilda Writer's Festival 2002.