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Full edition breakdown: Book of Revolutions, Mexico, 2010

Public Art. Installation. Performance. New Media. Participatory Art Work. 

Working with local artists, communities and presenters, WELL design a participatory inter-cultural exchange program, known as an edition, specific to the host context. The curatorial and creation process may take from 3 months to a year. The result is a dynamic performance, exhibition and relational program that sits squarely in public space from 10 days to 3 months. During this time, the edition continues to grow with inclusions from invited guests and passers-by.

During a book edition you may see: video art, new music, experimental dance, speeches, giants, large murals, audio installations and live radio.

Each edition is digitally and physically archived within the structure, and then added to or replaced by the next edition. In conjunction with local artists, WELL serve the Book structure as performers and facilitators. The physical book stands at 5 metres tall and over 10 metres wide when fully extended. With 7 different articulations the Book can transform into: a wall, a cinema, a theatre. The Book has been seen in 6 editions across 4 countries: Australia, Macau, Mexico and Korea.

Our most recent edition: Book of Risings saw responses to the possibility and problems of new cultural forms, new communities, and the need for a rise in dialogue toward future connections across borders. Book of Risings paid homage to the forgotten stories of Korean peoples whom have risen and fallen in the tumult of war and occupation and those who will rise (again). The result was a 10-day program for Hi Seoul Festival featuring new performance works and collaborations, public mural, video art and animation, live music and cross art collisions.

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The Book is currently in hiatus but available for very special occasions. If you would like to discuss the project please see info pack below or contact the director on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0408301777.


Book of Openings (Footscray, Australia 2005, Big West Festival)
Book of Changes (Macau SAR, China 2007)
Book of Temperaments (Melbourne, Australia, 2008)
Book of Revolutions (Silao, Mexico 2010, Expo Bicentenario)
Book of Risings (Seoul, Korea 2011, Hi Seoul Festival)